Save the Date: Summit for the Public Good

Date and Time: 
Saturday, December 9, 2017 -
10:00am to 6:00pm

Join us for our Summit for the Public Good, a gathering led by communities of color, women and unions committed to building long term power and resistance.

Through a series of meetings and member assemblies across the state, a diverse team of women with nearly 400 years of organizing experience combined began developing a shared analysis of the current political climate. Together, we have drafted a statewide 10 year agenda that is meant to be both aspirational and concrete, based on commitments to each other on how we need to move differenlty in this work, and rooted in our values and vision for a just world. Our hope is that having a long-term agenda will strategically increase our power on the ground and proactively set the terms of debate with concrete policy recommendations and corporate campaigns that reflect our struggle to build a movement truly led by working class communities.

Join us to help develop this vision, ratify the agenda, take collective action and celebrate!

If you have any questions contact Lidsay McCluskey: