2007 Ride-A-Thon: Riding for Riders' Rights

Tired of poor service and fare increases?

Riders are unfairly bearing the burden of the T's nearly $9 billion debt problem. It's time to fix the situation. We deserve better service with NO fare increases.

Stand up and fight!

Join the TRU Ride-a-thon April 17-19 to make sure the State, news media, and MBTA know that we need a solution NOW!


Kick-off Rally at the State House, Tuesday, April 17 at noon.

Click here to download the flyer in English. Sigue este enlace para el volante en espaƱol.

Following the rally and through April 19 is system-wide rider outreach. Our goals are to:
1) Involve riders in the fight for more affordable and reliable public transit and
2) Spread the word about proposed legislation to fix the T finances.

Our efforts will show the State and the T that we have the numbers and we mean business. Also, we’ll be conducting surveys and handing out our riders’ rights guides and newsletters.

The Ride-A-Thon builds on the work done in last year during the Bus Marathon. We are asking for sponsors to support organizers and members who will ride for better service without fare increases. To participate, download a sponsorship form and get your friends and family involved.

For more information contact Lee or Rene.