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Member Update May 2010

Q&A with Ryder Musselman,
ACE Member

ACE Member Ryder Musselman, with and without beard

This March, ACE Member Ryder Musselman won a beard-growing fundraiser at his workplace, Sovereign Consulting, and donated the proceeds to ACE.

The contest lasted five long months, with Ryder and a co-worker declaring a tie at the end and splitting the proceeds between a local hospital and ACE.

Thank you, Ryder and everyone at Sovereign Consulting, for raising well over $500 for environmental justice!

How did you get involved with ACE?
My girlfriend volunteered at ACE and told me about it. I went on a Toxic Tour and attended Jammin’ for Justice and really liked what ACE did, so I decided to start volunteering.

What made you choose to donate to ACE?
I admire the work ACE does to promote air quality and support groups fighting pollution. It’s important that people get the tools they need to identify and address environmental problems in their communities. Supporting ACE is a good way to ensure that this knowledge and expertise is available to anyone who needs it.

How did this whole thing start?
Someone in our office suggested not shaving during October and the contest grew from there, with 13 people at the beginning. By January, most had dropped out due to social or professional obligations. Originally the two of us who were left were just going to shave our beards, but we agreed that if everyone in the office donated another $10, we’d shave our entire heads. We ended up also getting donations from other offices in Connecticut and New Jersey.

What was it like growing a beard for so long?
It was easy to quit shaving, but after a few months it got pretty itchy.

How do you feel now that it’s over?
I don’t get weird looks anymore, which is nice, but my head gets cold outdoors and at night. I’ve worn a hat constantly since my head was shaved.

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