A movement towards equity

March 28, 2008

By guest blogger Meira Soloff of Action!

Just two weeks ago, 60 Massachusetts advocates, activists, academics and policymakers convened in New Orleans to join a national conversation about social and economic equity with 1,800 colleagues. Equity 08: The Third National Summit on Equitable Development, Social Justice and Smart Growth was an opportunity to engage in strategy workshops, panelist presentations and share successes in a city where inequitable policy and its tragic effects has underlined the urgency of such conferences.

Participants viewed an award-winning new documentary film about Katrina produced by Danny Glover who also spoke afterwards. Before the diverse crowd of attendees, Angela Glover Blackwell, the CEO of Policylink, declared the crystallization of an Equity Movement.

The impact of these events are lasting. The Regional Equity Conference of ’04 birthed a coalition of 18 social, economic and political inclusion organizations from greater Boston called Action for Regional Equity (Action!). Together, we work towards increasing affordable housing, promote transportation equity, host opportunities to learn and support each other.

Today, Action! will be hosting a debriefing of the conference to explore the ways in which lessons can be brought to the Greater Boston region. Contact Meira for more information, and check out recordings of the summit.