ACE members welcome MBTA General Manager to TRU meeting

REEP youth shared their T experiences with the GM

After years of organizing for a public transportation system that is accountable to riders, ACE members got the General Manager of the MBTA, Richard Davey, to attend last month's T Riders Union (TRU) meeting to address concerns face-to-face. Davey, who was appointed to the position by Governor Patrick in March, is a daily T rider himself—a long-standing TRU campaign demand.

At the meeting, ACE members had a chance to share stories as riders and ask for improvements. Issues ranged from limited accessibility for disabled riders to low frequency in weekend service.

“This is a victory for us,” said Stuart Spina, Vice Chairperson of TRU. “We've never had an MBTA General Manager come to a TRU meeting in our 10 year history. We’re excited to have a good working relationship with Davey, and we’re going to hold him to his commitments.”

TRU also presented demands for new buses on the most crowded routes, reliable on-time bus service and more night and weekend service. This campaign aims to eliminate the disparity between train and bus service.

“I see you as one of my chief advocates," said Davey. "The T could not do what it needs to do over the next few years without organizations like the T Riders Union.”

Davey committed to regular meetings with TRU, both in Roxbury and Chelsea, to address bus service improvements and continue relationship building. He emphasized his commitment to safety and punctuality on the T and will continue to support the creation a Youth Pass for people ages 13 to 21. We look forward to this partnership and will keep you updated on these campaigns. Thank you ACE members for turning out in force for the meeting!

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