ACE staffer joins state Climate Change Committee

June 18, 2009

ACE Legal Counsel Eugene Benson and ACE member and Chelsea Green Space Director Roseann Bongiovanni were recently appointed to the state’s Climate Change Adaptation Advisory Committee by Massachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Ian Bowles.

 Kirshen et al., 2007. Coastal Flooding in the Northeastern United States due to Climate Change

The Committee is required by the state’s Global Warming Solutions Act to submit a report to the legislature by December 2009 on strategies to prepare for rising sea levels, warmer temperatures, increased floods and droughts and other predicted impacts from climate change. Roseann and Gene both serve on the Health and Human Welfare Subcommittee.

Most researchers agree that lower income communities and communities of color will be more vulnerable to climate change than other communities. Gene and Roseann will be reviewing how climate change will disproportionately harm residents of environmental justice communities in Massachusetts and suggesting how the state should be respond to those inequities. To learn more, see the report The Climate Gap: Inequalities in How Climate Change Hurts Americans & How to Close the Gap.

We welcome your thoughts on vulnerabilities to climate change and any suggestions you have for the report the Committee will be writing.

Public meetings will be held for input and suggestions on the climate change predictions the Committee will be using to draft the report. Two sessions will be held in Boston: downtown on July 15 and in Dudley Square on July 16.

Find more information on the Committee's website as well as notes from the public meetings.