Altering the vote, high-rise by high-rise

April 13, 2007

As if the glittering condos weren't proof enough of gentrification in Chinatown, the upcoming election to replace a vacant city councilor seat has revealed a shift in local voter demographics.

The April 6 edition of Sampan noted that while all seven candidates have taken stands on issues facing long-term Chinatown residents, these residents are less than a majority and their numbers are dropping. The influx of luxury development is pricing lower-income residents of color out of their communities.

With gentrification speeding along at a frightening pace, the urban vote is being changed, further marginalizing politically neglected populations. Sadly, the election in Chinatown could serve as a crystal ball for other parts of the city.

Allied organizations working to stop gentrification in Chinatown include the Chinese Progressive Association, a long-time partner of ACE.