But what about the buses?

March 26, 2008

Yesterday, the Boston Globe reported on the MBTA's $3.75 billion capital investment program to be implemented over the next five years. Planned improvements consist mainly of maintaining the current system as opposed to expansion, from inspecting tunnels and bridges to making current subway stations more accessible.

We are concerned with the amount of the funds designated for the bus system. Bus riders make up 30 percent of the T's ridership, but are only being given 12 percent of the overall budget. (The Globe sites bus funding at 15 percent, but that figure lumps in other transit projects like The RIDE.)

Lower-income residents of Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan and Chelsea often have no other transportation option than the MBTA's slow, unreliable bus system. On the other hand, the commuter rail which services wealthier, suburban communities will be receiving 24 percent of the budget while only sustaining 10 percent of riders.

TRU Director Lee Matsueda is quoted in the article about this transit injustice. Stay tuned for more info on our campaigns for equitable public transit.