Our Coalitions

We recognize that environmental injustices affect lower income communities and communities of color worldwide, and that working in collaboration with other groups helps to strengthen our work and make it more effective. ACE is proud to be a member of the following coalitions, with collective goals to enact real change on a regional and national level.

Environmental Justice

Don't Waste Massachusetts

Don't Waste Massachusetts (DWM) is a coalition of equity and environmental groups committed to upholding Massachusetts’ prohibition on increasing trash incineration and advocating for recycling and waste reduction. Our goal is to implement a Zero Waste policy through reducing, reusing and recycling, composting organic waste and providing incentives for manufacturers to design reusable, less toxic and recyclable products. The DWM Steering Committee includes Alternatives for Community & Environment, Clean Water Action, Green Acton, Haverhill Environmental League, MASSPIRG, Residents for Alternative Trash Solutions, Sierra Club Massachusetts, and Toxics Action Center.

Healthy Air Coalition

The Healthy Air Coalition works to have Massachusetts adopt air quality standards that protect public health.

Massachusetts Diesel Pollution Solution Coalition

Massachusetts Diesel Pollution Solution Coalition builds constituencies to advocate for diesel pollution solutions and provides technical and legal support to cut 75 percent of diesel pollution in priority fleets by 2010.

Massachusetts Environmental Justice Alliance

The Massachusetts Environmental Justice brings together environmental justice groups and allies from around the state to work on environmental justice issues.

Mystic River Collaborative

Mystic River Collaborative is a new network of grassroots and environmental groups remediating the neglect, pollution and abandonment of the water bodies in the Mystic River watershed and ensuring that community residents are involved in the process.

New England Environmental Justice Forum

The New England Environmental Justice Forum is made up of many organizations and individuals working for EJ in New England, and is a space for activists and professionals to come together, share ideas, and learn from each other.

Northeast Environmental Justice Network

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Community Works

Community Works is a portfolio of 32 local social justice organizations providing Massachusetts residents a unique opportunity to invest in long-term systemic change. Contribute today at

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Green Jobs

Energy Empowerment Coalition

Green Justice Coalition

Green Justice Coalition builds a broad-based constituency in support of a sustainable, equitable and clean energy economy statewide and advocates for green jobs and programs for residents of lower income communities and communities of color.

Co-op Power Metro East

Co-op Power Metro East revitalizes local economies in Greater Boston with quality green jobs and brings people together for a sustainable and just energy future.

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Organizing & Development

Action for Regional Equity

Action! is a coalition of 15 organizations working on affordable housing, environmental justice and transportation investment justice. Action advances strategies and policies addressing the needs of lower income communities and communities of color at a state level. Action works cross-silo, with the understanding that disinfranchisement is a multi-faceted issue while drawing from local efforts to form regional solutions.

Coalition to Restore Civil Rights

The Coalition to Restore Civil Rights is working to have the legislature pass a civil rights bill to prevent disparate impacts in government programs.

Radical Organizing Conference

Radical Organizing Conference brings together change makers to build relationships, common understanding and united strategies to make radical social change for our communities.

Right to the City Alliance

Right to the City Alliance is a nationwide coalition confronting displacement in lower income communities of color and collectively building a national urban movement for housing, education, health, racial justice and democracy.

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On the Move: The Greater Boston Transportation Justice Coalition

On the Move: The Greater Boston Transportation Justice Coalition brings community based organizations in greater Boston together to advocate for transit justice.

Groups include:

  • ACE
  • Action for Regional Equity
  • MassPIRG

Transportation for America

Transportation for America is a broad coalition of housing, business, environmental, public health, transportation, equitable development, and other organizations. The coalition seeks to align national, state, and local transportation policies with an array of issues like economic opportunity, climate change, energy security, health, housing and community development.

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Boston Youth Environmental Network

Boston Youth Environmental Network is a group of public and private sector organizations and professionals in the environmental education, park stewardship, youth development and job training fields aiming to increase green youth employment and environmental educational opportunities.

South End/Lower Roxbury Youth Workers Alliance

South End/Lower Roxbury Youth Workers Alliance promotes collaboration across youthserving agencies and supports youth workers to develop leadership and strengthen youth programs.

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