Dudley Square time capsule opened from 1922

June 26, 2008

Elected officials unveil the time capsule

Local and state officials visited Roxbury yesterday morning to open a time capsule from 1922. The capsule was found in the cornerstone of an expansion to Dudley Square's Ferdinand building, which is being renovated into a city office building. Mayor Menino, State Representative Byron Rushing, State Senator Diane Wilkerson, BRA Director John Palmieri and members of the Dudley Vision Task Force helped present the capsule to the public. Representative Rushing provided a salient overview Roxbury's history, highlighting the different groups of people who have lived in Roxbury over the centuries.

Inside the capsule were newspapers from June 1922, Ferdinand's Furniture advertisements, and a list of Ferdinand's employees. Reproductions of the documents will soon be available at the Dillaway-Thomas House and online from Discover Roxbury.

The Mayor has called for a new time capsule to be created as part of the revitalization of Dudley Square. If you have suggestions on what to put in the new time capsule, send them to the Roxbury Historical Society at183 Roxbury Street, Roxbury, MA, 02119 or info@discoverroxbury.org.

As Mayor Menino's Dudley Vision process goes forward, it is important that local residents shape the legacy of the neighborhood. Residents of Roxbury should have a voice in shaping Dudley's future, not just a box that will be buried in the Square. At this Saturday's EJ in the 'Hood Festival, ACE will encourage our neighbors to celebrate and share their vision for Dudley.