Environmental Justice Bill passed in Connecticut

May 9, 2008

 Rep. Hennessy, Elizabeth Ratliff, Dr. Mark Mitchell, CCEJ President

A coalition of our neighbors in Connecticut have succeeded in getting an EJ bill passed by their state legislature, adding a level of protection from toxic exposure to environmentally overburdened communities.

The Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice (CCEJ) ran a successful campaign that resulted in the bill being passed by a 139 to 9 vote margin in the House after 90 minutes of debate and unanimously in the Senate with no debate! Great work CCEJ and legislators who sponsored and supported the bill!

The bill designates 25 lower income towns (called distressed municipalities) and lower income neighborhoods in 34 other Connecticut towns as environmental justice communities and creates a more inclusive public process and environmental mitigation procedure for proposed development of polluting industries. These include incinerators, power plants, landfills, solid waste facilities, and major sources of pollution as defined by the Clean Air Act.