Five immediate ways to fill the MBTA's $161 million budget deficit

Our Fast Five superheroes are here to save the MBTA!

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Massport assuming operations of ferry and SL1 services can save $50 million

Massport assumes operations of the Silver Line bus (SL1) to Logan Airport as well as all ferry services.

The sale of the ferries will not only ease strain on the T and its riders, but create an opportunity for Massport to expand ferry services to reach East Boston, Lynn, Salem and Winthrop.

Massport has both the expertise and financial means to take on the ferry service, and the transfer will be a mutually beneficial deal.

Savings: $50 million

Call: MassDOT Secretary & Massport Board Chair Richard Davey
(617) 222-2877

Holding MBCR accountable for assessed performance fines can save $49.6 million

Hold MBCR accountable for service! In the past two years, fines should have been assessed for delayed commuter rail trains, inadequately cleaned stations and missed performance measures.

Revise MBCR's contract to benefit the T and its riders.

Eliminate contract ammendments that allow MBCR to double-bill the MBTA for labor costs like overtime and project management.

Savings: $49.6 million

Call: MBTA Board (617) 222-3188


Renegotiating bad interest rate swaps with banks can save $25 million

MBTA renegotiates bad interest rate swaps with banks including Deutsche Bank, UBS & JP Morgan Chase.

Savings: $25 million

Call: MBTA Board (617) 222-3188

Implementing a UPass program can save $60 million

Implement a UPass program at universities to provide MBTA access for local college students.

Savings: $60+ million

Call: Your university & legislators (617) 722-2000

Transferring remaining snow removal funds to the MBTA can save $20 million

Transfer MassDOT's snow removal funds to the MBTA, as a mild winter has left much of the money unused.

Of the $50 million allocated for snow and ice removal, the almost $40 million left over could be a short-term fix for the T.

Savings: $40 million

Call: MassDOT Board (617) 222-3188

TOTAL SAVINGS: $224.6 million

BONUS SAVINGS: Get Big Dig debt off our backs! T riders are paying $1.67 billion (not including interest) of Big Dig debt thrown on the MBTA by the state.

Savings: $140 million

Call: Your state legislators (617) 722-2000