Gentrification in Chinatown today

April 28, 2008

By Amy Lee, ACE Intern

Chinatown is one of the fastest growing communities in Boston. Over the last ten years, the neighborhood has seen dramatic change. Despite the growth, issues of gentrification, job opportunities, and immigration still affect Chinatown today. Local day laborers hang around, waiting for restaurants to hire them for a days work. Because of language barriers, many residents lack the skills and resources to land jobs elsewhere.


This jeopardizes their living standards since the many new luxury high rises base rents on the average income ($20,000-35,000) of Boston. The actual average income for Chinatown is only $15,000. As a result, residents are forced to move away from this area that reminds them of home. Listen to the recent NPR story. Check out the work against gentrification being done by our partner organization, the Chinese Progressive Association.