Governor announces Transportation and Economic Security Plan

February 23, 2009

ACE member Michelle with Governor Patrick after the press conference

At a press conference on Friday, Governor Patrick announced a broad set of goals for transportation funding and reforms. Although the proposed six cents per gallon of new gas tax revenue dedicated to the MBTA may not be enough pay down the $2.7 million backlog of system maintenance and repair, the Governor's plan is a step in the right direction.

Our legislature must act now to prevent the imminent MBTA fare increases and service cuts. We support a combination of additional revenue to the MBTA, restructuring and reform, while making concrete improvements for T riders. For example, the Governor has called broadly for increased accountability. To deliver on this promise, he should support legislative efforts to ensure that T riders are actually represented on the MBTA board. TRU will continue to advocate for T riders and build support for revenue and reform.

TRU Revenue means:

  • An end to the cycle of MBTA fare increases and service cuts, which threaten to further cripple T riders, especially those who rely on the system during these difficult economic times.
  • A more sustainable, environmentally friendly Massachusetts with less traffic congestion, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • An equitable distribution of our Commonwealth’s responsibility for transportation that does not doubly tax people from lower income, working class families.

TRU Reform means:

  • A more transparent leadership over the MBTA that’s accountable to its riders and the tax payers of the Commonwealth.