Introducing our newest intern

February 19, 2008

We are pleased to be working with Amy Lee, a member of the Boston Women’s Fund’s Young Sisters for Justice in Philanthropy program. This two-year program matches young high school women with community organizations in a mentoring relationship. Welcome Amy!

Amy writes:

I am the new intern at ACE, as part of the Boston Women’s Fund’s internship, the Young Sisters for Justice in Philanthropy. All of the 10 young sisters are volunteering with our grantees to further our knowledge and to explore.

To learn more about YSFJP, visit

I am also affiliated with the Chinese Progressive Association who does similar work as ACE in the Chinatown and Boston area. One day during my freshman year, I saw a flyer on my door about a summer internship. I applied and got accepted which meant that I had a “job” over the summer--I didn’t know I would get hooked into the work! I learned a lot about the injustices occurring in the Chinatown community and what the residents were doing to fight back. I continued to stay involved with them which led to my internship at the Boston Women’s Fund. I found a way to continue my passion in the social justice arena.