Just Transition, Housing Justice & Gentrification Online Webinar

Date and Time: 
Thursday, October 26, 2017 -
3:00pm to 4:30pm

Our communities across the country are grappling with intensifying gentrification and corporate development that is displacing our people and destroying our planet. Join Right To The City and the Climate Justice Alliance for the 7th episode of the Renter Nation Series to learn about the Just Transition framework discuss how this visionary framework is critical for our collective organizing against gentrification and displacement. 

We’ll be joined by frontline grassroots community organizations combating gentrification in their communities and organizing for a just transition away from an extractive economy to a regenerative, sustainability and equitable economy

Some of the goals for the webinar include:

1) To situate struggles and the fight against gentrification and displacement withing a broader framework of a just transition, and amplify local models and organizing that are moving this work. 

2) To deepen connections across land, housing & climate justice organizing

3) To introduce members of the Homes For All campaign to the just tranisition framework as part of a broader political effort of RTC to more deeply align HFA / Housing Justice forces with climate, gender, ecological, racial and environmental justice organizing. 

To learn more about this "Renters' Nation Series" and register, click here.

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The Webinar will be broadcast in English and Spanish.