Local construction needs to employ local workers

May 16, 2008

Menino and Wilkerson break ground

After 10 years the Ferdinand building is again the focus of a redevelopment plan aimed at "revitalizing" the Dudley Square area. Early this afternoon Mayor Thomas Menino, Senator Diane Wilkerson, Representative Gloria Fox, City Councilor Chuck Turner, city officials and business owners held a press conference in front of the skeletal structure that once was one of the largest furniture stores in New England.

The Mayor heralded the project as one that will bring renewed investment in the area, remove a long-standing eyesore from the Roxbury skyline and provide construction jobs for the neighborhood. This is a point of contention with residents, as city construction projects routinely hire from suburban areas in spite of the many local workers available.

Chuck Turner rallies the crowd

Citing past broken promises to employ community members, Councilor Turner took the opportunity to demand real action on the Ferdinand building and future projects. His words were greeted with cheers and words of support from the gathered crowd. We hope that the Mayor and his administration will take resident concerns to heart as they move forward with the redevelopment of Dudley Square.