None of the work we do at ACE would be possible without the support of our membership base. The dedication, hours of volunteering and generous financial support are true sources of inspiration to us. We hope you enjoy the following stories from our wonderful members! (Check back as more will be posted soon...)

Helping the next generation

By Shameka Blake-Jackson, REEP Alum
(From our 2009 Annual Report)

REEP Alum Shameka Blake-Jackson

I've been with REEP for about three years. At first it was just a job I needed to make money. Then I saw that these youth really make changes in our community. When they told me they were the ones who got the transfers in the MBTA, I was shocked. Who would've thought you could meet the people who made that change? It was exciting for me and I became more involved. Read more...

Fighting for riders’ rights

By Taisha O'Bryant, ACE Member and TRU Chairperson
(From our 2009 Annual Report)

ACE Member Taisha O'Bryant

I'm a T rider. Public transit is important, but there are environmental justice issues—how it operates, how it runs and how we can hold the transit authority accountable. TRU gives a voice to people like me who feel like they're being disrespected and taken advantage of by the transit system in Boston. We need a system that works for and benefits all riders. Read more...

Learning about EJ

By Kathleen O'Brien, ACE Member
(From our 2009 Annual Report)

ACE Member Kathleen O'Brien

I learned about ACE when I was looking for an internship for my sociology and environmental studies. I thought, I need to be there, I don't care what it takes. The minute I stepped into the office I knew it was right. It was so colorful and welcoming and warm, with this overwhelming sense of determination and passion. I was instantly hooked! Read more...

Empowering workers

By Danilo Morales, ACE Member
(From our 2009 Annual Report)

ACE Member Danilo Morales

In Ecuador I worked with a farmer's co-op trading products and getting fair deals. When I got involved with ACE, I was just starting to break the language barrier. I had to relearn technical words about alternative energies and green jobs. I already knew the dynamic of grassroots movements in Ecuador—working with ACE I learned the dynamic of grassroots movements in New England. Read more...

Working for healthy neighborhoods

By Virginia Jeppson, ACE Member and Brockton resident
(From our 2009 Annual Report)

ACE member and client Virginia Jeppson

In 1996, a company wanted to put a waste management transfer station here so another neighbor and I got together and rallied the neighborhood. We ended up with a real grassroots organization and got them out. In 1997, there were plans for a power plant but they couldn't get enough financing and didn't have enough need in the grid for electricity. They came back about three years ago. Read more...

Why I'm an ACE member

By Rob Moir
(From our December 2008 newsletter)

ACE member Rob Moir with a right whale

ACE was one of the first environmental organizations to put community in front of environment. In the early '90s, environmental organizations spoke about the need to better address environmental justice in urban Boston. Read more...