Become a Member of ACE

To more effectively build the power of communities of color and lower-income communities to achieve environmental justice, ACE launched our membership program in 2005.
Membership is helping ACE to build an organization that will last decades, be owned by our communities, extend ACE's capacity beyond staff and board, and continually nurture new leadership.

Why Become a Member?

By joining ACE as a member, you help to build the power of people who have for too long been left out of decisions that affect our communities. By joining together and building a strong base of members, we will be better able to make demands on those in power to achieve our right to a healthy environment.

ACE membership also gives you the opportunity to work alongside others who care about the same things you do -- breathable air, better public transit, new development that benefits residents.

By joining ACE's membership you will:

  • Become part of a growing base of community power
  • Have access to ACE's leadership development programs
  • Get to know the incredible and diverse set of people who make up ACE.
  • Be able to vote for members of ACE's Board of Directors and help set our annual priorities.
  • Have fun with people who care about and respect one another.

Is membership open to everybody?

Membership is open to anyone over the age of 14. While ACE focuses its organizing efforts on Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan, anyone who is committed to environmental justice and meets the criteria below is eligible to be an ACE member. We believe that to achieve the power to make systemic change for environmental justice, we need support from many places and many allies. We also want to make sure that winning environmental justice victories here doesn't result in transferring pollution to another community's back yard.

We also welcome people who may not be directly affected by environmental injustice to become ACE members. If you are a lawyer, doctor, environmental professional, university faculty member or engineer, you can support the struggle for environmental justice. We encourage you to become a member and to offer your knowledge, skills and financial support.

How to become a member

Simply make an annual donation to ACE of $5 or more.

How to become a voting member

Once you are a member of ACE, to qualify for voting rights you must attend at least one ACE event or activity and contribute at least 15 hours of work each year. You must submit an ACE Member Hours Form at least 2 weeks prior to the annual meeting (usually held in October) to be certified to vote.

What can voting members vote for? At the Annual Meeting, voting members can elect Board members and approve the Annual Plan. Each voting member has one vote. Decisions are made by majority vote.

For more information about membership

If you have questions about ACE membership, please contact Lee, Political Director, at 617.442.3343 x229 or email