Mobilize for Safe Streets and Youth Jobs!

UYYWB flyer

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Every day, thousands of Boston youth and adults are at risk of falling victim to the violence that has been plaguing our communities. We have wondered, "Who's next?" and waited far too long for positive action by the city and state on this matter.

We need to force this issue now before more lives are lost!

Support the Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Project and the city wide coalition of youth groups, United Youth and Youth Workers of Boston as they rally at 12 p.m. on Thursday, June 21st at City Hall Plaza. Contact Carlos for more information.

There is a fundamental error in the way our government is choosing to address this problem. What the youth of today need is not more oppressive police presence, they want and desperately need more opportunity for growth and personal development. The city has a unique opportunity to address this by committing more funding for youth jobs, which have fallen off our legislators' agendas in recent years.

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