New bus service, but still not rapid transit

Silver Line bus Mattapan expansion plan, photo courtesy EOT

May 4, 2009

The Patrick administration announced today in Dudley Square that it was providing stimulus funds for extensions of the Silver Line bus to Mattapan and South Station.

The T Riders Union and our partners in On the Move believe that using stimulus funds for better public transit is essential and improving transit in our communities is a vital investment.

It is also important for residents to have input in those plans. We are calling for the appointment of a community advisory board to work with the administration on implementing transportation improvements in our communities.

We are also asking the Governor to invest in a plan to bring real rapid transit – rail service - to our communities. For more information, see On the Move's statement.

"It was great hearing that the Governor is supporting a green project that will create jobs and cut down on air pollution," said TRU Senior Member Organizer Taisha O'Bryant. "While the project should go further, we need to make sure that these employment opportunities are available for residents in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan."