Vote today - NO on one, YES on the rest!

Vote NO on Question 1 - we need to invest in and improve public transit!November 4, 2014

It's Election Day - don't forget to vote, if you haven't already! The choices we make on our ballot will have long-lasting ramifications on our work for environmental justice.

Here are some resources to read and share on the four ballot questions:

Question 1
Please vote NO on Question 1!

Youth, seniors and community members fought hard to pass the Gas Tax Bill, which provides critical funding for our roads, bridges and the MBTA.

If Question 1 passes, we will lose millions of dollars for the maintenance and expansion of public transit in our region, not to mention funds for road repairs or to fix the 53 percent of Massachusetts bridges that are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.

Question 2
Please vote YES on Question 2!

Click to see image larger Updating the Bottle Bill goes hand-in-hand with our work towards creating zero waste in Massachusetts. The more containers are recycled, the less trash will be burned in incinerators and buried in landfills, reducing air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and groundwater contamination.

Studies have found that a nickel deposit does not contribute to higher beverage costs, and can even help low-income families.

Despite the nearly $9 million spent by big corporations on misleading ads (more than all the other ballot questions combined and the Coakley and Baker campaigns combined), the facts remain: 80 percent of bottles that have nickel deposits are recycled, while only 23 percent of non-deposit bottles are.

Question 3
While don't have an official position on this ballot question, we'd like to share one from our partner, Arise for Social Justice:

Arise has been working on the issue of casinos in Springfield, and is asking people to consider voting yes to repeal the casino law in Massachusetts. The Yes on 3 Campaign cites that casinos hurt local economies, destroy small businesses and lead to net job losses.

Question 4
Please vote YES on Question 4!

Nearly one million workers in the Commonwealth can't earn sick time - people shouldn't have to choose between jobs or their health and families. Question 4 is a commonsense solution that would allow all workers to earn one hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to 40 hours a year.