Shihua Wu, Youth Pass pilot participant

July 1, 2015

Shihua at the Youth Pass pilot opening day celebrationI live in Charlestown. I attend Boston Latin Academy and I’m going to be a rising senior. I’m 16 years old and I enjoy basketball and being involved with the community. I represent Charlestown as part of the Mayor’s Youth Council – I advocate for policy and programs. I’m a liaison, a bridge, between the mayor and Charlestown.

I first heard about the Youth Pass through an email about enrolling in this program. I use the T every single day, especially during the school year. I live in Charlestown and my school is in Dorchester. I take two buses and a train to get to school. Now that it’s summer, I will take the T to go to work and get home – I’ll be working at Fidelity Investments.

During the school year I had an M-7, a seven-day pass, that I used every single day, and a lot of my friends use the M-7. I would say that the majority of my friends rely on the MBTA. The M-7 only runs throughout the school year, so I’m glad I’ll have an alternative to the adult monthly pass. Since the Youth Pass is only $26, it gives me control – I won’t have to ask my parents for money.

A big barrier for youth is transportation. Because of the Youth Pass, there will be more opportunities for youth to get engaged with the community, like reaching out to organizations and getting more involved through volunteer work. Youth will have a lot more freedom to get where they want to go. They can do anything now that they have this pass.

This Youth Pass is worth it. It’s only $26 and that’s affordable for most. The MBTA should know that this pass is worth it and they should continue with this program. They should keep this program going.