Strengthening EJ policy in Massachusetts

September 24, 2015
In August, ACE members and supporters gathered to provide input to Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) on their draft Environmental Justice Policy. We raised significant concerns with the draft and shared ideas to strengthen it in the next round of revisions.
Developing an EJ policy is one of the requirements of the Executive Order on Environmental Justice - a landmark order we secured last November - to protect the health, safety and environment of the most vulnerable residents of the Commonwealth. The EEA is the first state agency to draft an EJ policy and we look forward to working with MassDOT, Housing and Economic Development, and others to create inclusive and effective policies.
The EEA will accept comments at a final listening session in Brockton. Comments may also be submitted by mail or online by October 9.
Thank you to everyone who came to share your ideas! We were thrilled to see long-time members and new supporters working together to shape the direction of EJ policy in Massachusetts. Stay tuned for future opportunities to get involved.