Climate quilt shows community solutions

September 24, 2015 
Last month, we participated in a climate justice quilt project organized by the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA), of which ACE is a member. As part of CJA's Our Powercampaign, allied organizations across the country designed a patch to reflect community solutions to the devastating impacts of climate change.
Our quilt square is inspired by the message that it takes roots to weather the storm. The tree anchors the image as well as our work - in our strategy sessions, members map campaigns on drawings of trees, listing root issues, possible solutions and the effects of change.
The tree's branches represent our three programs, and the leaves, our campaigns that grow a movement of people for environmental and social justice. Together, we are breaking through entrenched and concrete systems to build a greener, more sustainable future. Our work together is rooted in love and community - based in Dudley Square, we're also in the heart of Boston's black community, and the geographic center of the city.
The completed quilt arrived in New Orleans on August 29 to mark the 10-year commemoration of Hurricane Katrina. As we remembered this tragedy, the quilt symbolized the ongoing work to build resilient communities in the face of the devastating impacts of climate change.
About Our Power: Comprised of community groups across the U.S., the Our Power campaign works to end the era of extreme energy, create millions of green jobs and implement a just transition to local, sustainable economies. We envision communities with quality public transportation, affordable and durable housing, clean energy, regional food systems, healthy ecosystems, and zero waste.