Support Jobs NOT Jails Coalition

Date and Time: 
Monday, June 19, 2017 -
1:00pm to 4:00pm


As part of the Jobs NOT Jails Coalition, BACH is urging you to take action to support criminal justice reform legislation in Massachusetts. In poorer neighborhoods and communities of color, policies and laws regarding criminal justice have a major effect on families and the communities in which they live. We need criminal justice policies that will lessen incarceration, lessen racial disparities in who is going to prison, and increase safety and access to drug treatments.
Please consider attending the upcoming hearing on Monday, June 19th at 1:00 PM

At the State House on Governor Baker's Council of State Governments (CSG) bill filed after a year long study. While it contains some good reforms, it is very limited and does NOT include anything on Mandatory Minimums on drug convictions, Felony Theft Threshold, Fines and Fees, CORI Reform, or Juvenile Misdemeanor Expungement. The hearing will be proceeded by a rally to show support for those reforms it does not include.

If you cannot attend the hearing, call your State Representative and tell them you support criminal justice reform measures, like the Justice Reinvestment Act (House 2308 and Senate 791), AND ask your State Representatives if they will tell House Speaker DeLeo that they want the following bills to get a vote during this legislative session:
  1. Ending long automatic Mandatory Minimum Sentences on drug convictions and returning sentencing to judges to decide on the facts and circumstances of each case - 87% of MA registered voters who were surveyed in a poll supported this
  2. CORI Reform to enable ex-prisoners to get jobs by reducing the access employers have to CORI's to 7 years on a felony and 3 years on a misdemeanor - supported by 62%
  3. Raising the threshold for what is a felony for theft from $250 up to $1500 -MA is currently the third lowest in the USA at $250. Raising this still means such theft can be punished by jail time and fines, but not as severe as when you are convicted for a felony. supported by 60%
  4. Ending punitive fines and fees on ex-prisoners like the $65 a month fee that those on probation must pay - supported by 50%
To find out who your state legislators are, go to All legislators can be reached through the State House Switch Board at 617-722-2000If you would like a sample calling script, please click here.
For questions or more information, contact Lewis Finfer at (617) 470-2912 or, from MA Communities Action Network (MCAN) and the Jobs NOT Jails Coalition.
We thank you for your support and help to improve the health and safety of our neighborhoods.