Youth speak out against violence on bus route #23

March 10, 2008

In Tuesday’s Boston Globe the front page article featured Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation’s STARS Youth raising the issue of violence on bus #23.

”The teenagers say the chances for violence seem greater when the bus is packed, especially in the late afternoon, when students are coming home from school and adults are getting out of work.... Along with their worries about violence, [youth rider Tiara] Amarante and her friends want to report other problems they say they have noticed: lack of room for baby carriages; drivers who fail to pull up to the curb during stops; and a slow schedule that they believe does not keep up with heavy ridership.”

The STARS youth spoke to other riders to collect stories of witnessing and experiencing violence on the bus and are asking the MBTA to address this issue. TRU met with the youth last month to discuss bus service and learn more about their work. We applaud the STARS youth and hope that the T will take action to keep riders safe.