Art Against the Biolab

March 18, 2008

For the past six years, Safety Net and the Stop the Biolab Coalition have been fighting a BSL-4 from being built in the South End and Roxbury by Boston University. Thanks to the time, energy and passion of volunteers, resistance to the Bioterrorism Lab saw great successes in 2007. Unfortunately, Safety Net does not have the wealth and resources that BU does. Support and funds are needed to keep the fight strong at such an important time!

Artists: Interested in submitting visual artwork, crafts, sculpture, music recordings or other work to be exhibited? There are several options:

Display: Simply submit your work for display at the exhibition and it can be returned to you once the exhibition has ended.

Part Donation: Donate your work for the auction and a discussed percentage will go to Safety Net and the rest to the artist.

Full Donation: Donate your work for the auction and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Safety Net.

Work will be featured at the Boston Community Church from the second week of April to the beginning of May. There will a closing reception during the exhibitions last week; details forthcoming.

Deadline: Please submit work by April 11.

Contact Adelaide for more info.