Introducing ACE member Naomi Spector

April 24, 2008

Ever wonder who writes some of our blogs? Meet Naomi Spector, an ACE volunteer since last fall who has come in on a weekly basis to help out. She is an excellent writer and we are so lucky to have her be a part of the ACE family. Thanks for all your hard work Naomi!

By Naomi Spector, ACE member

I have been a volunteer at ACE for several months now, as part of an independent study in science at my high school in Brookline. I became interested in social justice issues at a young age and began working last year with Centro Presente, an organization dedicated to the empowerment of the Latin American immigrant community. At Centro I teach citizenship classes in Spanish for people who wish to pass the naturalization exam, an experience that has opened my eyes to the obstacles, hardships and sometimes injustices that so many in our community face.

At ACE, I research and write articles and blogs, and have learned a great deal about the environmental injustices that plague lower-income neighborhoods. Next year I plan to attend college and find new ways to use my knowledge and my new skills to serve the community, perhaps by studying law or journalism.