Globe weighs in on MBTA debt relief

May 8, 2008

T Debt Relief rally

According to a Boston Globe editorial yesterday, surging gas prices are sending more people to the T. This is good news. Less cars on the road means reduced emissions in our communities that are burdened with pollution and congestion. But even with the increased ridership, the MBTA's financial situation remains tenuous. A 1999 reorganization that cut subsidies left the T with a debt that now totals over $8 billion. To balance its budget for the next fiscal year, the T had to take $19.3 million from reserves.

If the Massachusetts legislature and the Patrick administration keep under-funding and neglecting the T, fares will continue to increase, and lower income communities will continue to be left off the bus. Make your voice heard by joining our letter writing campaign. Tell Governor Patrick your thoughts on the need for an efficient and affordable public transit system for all.