Free energy efficient lights for lower-income communities

June 10, 2006

LiveCooler makes compact fluorescent light bulbs available to lower-income families

Non-profit housing organizations in lower income communities can now receive donations of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) to distribute to residents. These are purchased by LiveCooler, a non-profit that accepts donations to offset carbon emissions. Installation of CFLs not only reduces household carbon footprints but also energy bills. Although CFL bulbs provide a long term financial gain, their significant cost makes them less accessible than their incandescent counterparts.

LiveCooler lessens the financial strain on lower income families while helping to combat global warming. Donors can offset the carbon emissions of their homes, cars, or flights and see the number of light bulbs purchased as well as the projected reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and energy costs. Over 10 years, a $36 contribution prevents 6,000 lbs of CO2 emissions and saves $1,094 for two families, all by screwing in 13 light bulbs.

LiveCooler has already donated light bulbs in Massachusetts and Washington D.C., and aims to target states that produce the most carbon dioxide emissions from electricity use. Jay Barnes, Founder and Executive Director of the LiveCooler Foundation, has expressed an interest in getting involved with organizations in Greater Boston. In order to offset your carbon emissions or request light bulbs for your area check out LiveCooler or contact Jay directly.

See more information on proper disposal of CFL bulbs and other safety measures from our partners at the Boston Public Health Commission.