In Memoriam: Kelvin Lara, youth organizer

July 28, 2008

Our hearts go out to partner organization and neighbor Project Hip Hop (PHH), who has recently lost a member of their youth group. In moments like these, the youth violence epidemic touches us all personally. REEP continues the campaign against youth violence with PHH in coalition with the United Youth and Youth Workers of Boston. Kelvin Lara, you will be remembered.

Kelvin Patricio Lara, May 16, 1990 - July 12, 2008

Kelvin Patricio Lara
May 16, 1990 - July 12, 2008

By Carmen Ruiz

Kelvin was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and lived on Blue Hill Avenue for most of his life. Kelvin had a great passion for his opinions and the values he believed in. With his charming personality and great sense of humor, Kelvin touched the lives of those who were fortunate enough to be around him.

During his high school years Kelvin gained much popularity. With his good looks and good heart he gained the love of his girlfriend Soukaina. Many late nights he would play his love songs and think about her. Kelvin would always sit outside or ride bikes with Angel and their friends talking and laughing about life. Johnny, Jamerson, and Kelvin would stay up late playing videogames, and arguments would always come up about music and sports. Showcasing his enthusiasm for the home teams, Kelvin predicted championships for both the Celtics and Red Sox when others around him doubted. And if Kelvin wasn't hanging outside with his friends, playing NFL Madden, or spending time with his girlfriend, he would play with and help take care with his nieces Alexia and Liliana, and also visit various family members.

Despite some minor troubles Kelvin may have had, he always had a set goal in mind. "Johnny, I want to walk across that stage and get my diploma." Kelvin figured that getting a GED would be the easy way out, so he then chose to continue high school. "I know I'm messing up right now, I know I'm going to get it right. I know." Kelvin always wanted this and he wanted to work to take care of this family and his girlfriend Soukaina. This is the Kelvin that we all knew, and adored. We will never forget your face and your will to love.

Kelvin Patricio Lara is survived by parents Jose Lara and Carmen Ruiz; grandparent Dulce Lara; sisters Rosa Lara, Indira Lara, Pearla Lara, and Indira Lara; brothers Alfredo Gauzman, Johnny Ruiz, Marcos Ruiz, Jose Baez, Patricio Lara; nieces and nephews Alexia Ruiz, Xavier Lara, and Liliana Ruiz; many aunts, uncles, and cousins; friends Xenakis, Jamerson, Aaron, and Adam; and girlfriend Soukaina.



i miss thiz niigga so much... i dream about u friday nite nd i woke up cryin mah eyez out... imma see u on da crossroad




August 25, 2008


I've been thinking about you lately. Miss you.

November 12, 2008

miss u

omg kelvin still cant belive this happen to u
i still dont belive it that ur gone
ily see u soon

raquiii : )

November 17, 2008

i love you

babi boy now that your 6 mnths have passed im really feeling the pressure of your absence... you were amazing and i still love you to death.. ill always be there for you and keep watching over x and jamerson, and ofcorse angel, and help your mother stay stronge
you were my fav and i love deary
BaiBwi forever and always my cuddle buddy

meet up with you later
love you always
your cuddle buddy

January 14, 2009

i miss u soo much!!

omg kelvin i miss u when i found out i was in stock i count belive it!!!i loved like a brother i never had!!the last time i seen u was on my moms wedding party!!!omg i miss u wen i see picxz of u i want to cry but i hold it in cuz i kno ur in a better place and god wanted it this way...well i guess ill see another day!!

-with much love aimee


January 25, 2009

imy & ily x3

August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Kelvin

happy 23 birthday i love you kelvin
never forgotten

May 16, 2013