Latest on anti-eviction campaign

September 15, 2008

Protesters gather at Paula's house

Two weeks ago, Paula Taylor was evicted from her foreclosed home in Roxbury by Bank of America. This happened despite her offer to pay rent until a new owner was found.

In July, Bank of America was unable to evict her, thanks to the help of rallying community members.

Since then, Paula, along with residents and political leaders, have been urging Bank of America to open dialogue on the matter, including during a rally held recently at the Dudley Square branch. Instead, the bank manager referred supporters to a public relations office and sent the police, a constable and a moving team to forcefully remove her.

A heavy police detail of roughly 15 to 20 officers arrived, including a special unit to cut through blockade chains at entrances to the house. Four people were then cuffed and arrested. Police then followed the crowd to the Bank of America Grove Hall branch where supporters passed out information about the bank's role in the foreclosure crisis.

Despite the turn of events, City Life/Vida Urbana (CLVU) Organizer Steve Meacham made it clear that the eviction was caused by the bank, not the police or the moving team.

As we stand by CLVU in the campaign against unjust evictions, abandoned buildings and unstable communities, we extend our sympathies to Paula and her family. They offered fair market rent to the bank, and according to Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner, were rejected by "insane" corporate greed.

For more information, see the Globe, Herald and Open Media Boston articles as well as the Channel 5 television coverage.