Get your vote on!

November 3, 2008

Vote NO on Question 1 for our families and communities - do not repeal the state income tax!

As we all know, tomorrow is Election Day (finally)! We urge everyone to come out and make your voice heard in what may be one of the most important elections of our time. There is much at stake, whether it's choosing a president on the national level or deciding the fate of the income tax here in Massachusetts. Here are some tips and info to make sure your turn at the polls goes smoothly.

The voter checklist provided by the elections bureau of Massachusetts lists all offices and ballot questions so you can write down your choices before heading to the voting booth. Remember to bring your ID and know where polling locations are ahead of time. See your full ballot, polling location and other information by entering your address at

For voting assistance, call 1-866-OUR-VOTE for English help, or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA for Spanish. These lines are staffed and available to answer any questions about the voting process.

For candidate guides, ballot question guides, sample ballots and more voting information than you can shake your fist at, see the Massachusetts Elections Division, MassVOTE, and the Boston Worker's Alliance Voter's Guide.

If you run into any problems when voting, call the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

If you live in Boston and need a ride to the polls, call MassVOTE at 617-542-8683.

Please remember to vote NO on Question 1 and learn more about Questions 2 and 3 on our blog.

Have a great Election Day! ACE is closed tomorrow (to allow staff to volunteer and participate in the electoral process) so look for more blogs later on this week.