Tribute to Fresh

February 1, 2014

Fresh, REEP Youth Organizer, 2008-2009

Last week, we lost Fresh. He was a REEP youth organizer in 2008-2009, a child of Dorchester, a son, a father, and a true friend to many people. Fresh was stolen from our world. He also left us with a lot to be thankful for. His daughter, his smile, his jokes and sayings, and memories we won't forget.

At REEP's Youth Summit in 2009, Fresh co-facilitated our Youth Way on the MBTA workshop and story circle with the Secretary of Transportation. That year we fought to extend the MBTA Student Pass to 11:00 p.m., and Fresh helped collect the stories of youth riders that won the extension. That victory has now helped 45,000 middle and high school students live full lives and get home safe at night. We talk about it all the time as we continue the fight for a YouthPass.

We believe we walk a road that's paved by the contributions, big and small, of many who came before us. Fresh was one who helped pave our way. Today, if you or someone you love has used a Student Pass, or if you share our vision of a world where young people have mobility, opportunity and safety, please take a moment of thanks for Fresh and his contribution.

At the 2009 Youth Summit

At the same time we grieve his loss, we celebrate his life, and we demand that not one single more life be taken from us in this way. Fresh, rest in peace. Once a REEPer, always with us. We love you and miss you and thank you for what you gave to our world.