Trae Weekes: REEP Youth Organizer

July 7, 2014

Trae at the Youth Pass March as a superhero

I’m from Dorchester, I’m 16 and I’m a youth organizer and also a writer. I got involved with ACE when I met [ACE staff] David Noiles at the Summer Leadership Program (SLP), and he got me into REEP. I work on all three REEP campaigns.

My favorite part of the Youth Affordabili(T) Coalition’s (YAC) work is the actions. It’s exciting when action day actually comes. Sometimes I’m on the bullhorn, sometimes I’m on press, sometimes I’m a superhero. I’ve been a superhero for the last two marches. During the action, I was on press and was interviewed by a reporter from NECN.

At the rally, there was excitement, hope. We had to keep walking or else we could get arrested, so we kept marching in circles and almost everyone had a sign. The people ranged in age. My godson was out there and he’s only one. One of the police officers even started saying our chants. It was the people – our rowdiness and yelling. There were allies, people from YAC, people I’d never seen – there was a lot of support.

The Youth Pass is what kept us going. I’m a youth and I need it. If we don’t get it now, future generations will suffer as we have. Youth transit justice means the T would be affordable. Youth would be able to ride the bus and train without the fear of being kicked off. The next step is getting a pilot program for the Youth Pass. Be prepared to be involved.