TRU Rider's Rights Guide

The TRU Rider's Rights Guide

  • TRANSFERS: You do not get a transfer if you pay with cash. Local bus to bus transfers are free only if you use your CharlieCard or CharlieTicket. That means a transfer will automatically be added to your Card or Ticket. You are also entitled to a discounted bus to subway fare when you use your CharlieCard (you only pay the difference between the fares - $0.45)
  • INFO: MBTA drivers should always be courteous and help passengers by giving general information and directions.
  • WHEELCHAIR LIFT: Anyone may use the wheelchair lift, no questions asked!
  • TOO EARLY: Drivers should not run buses ahead of schedule!
  • Loss/damage to your CharlieCard: two things can protect you: get a receipt when you add value to your card and keep it; and/or register your CharlieCard.
  • BABY STROLLERS: You are not required to fold baby strollers or carriages in order to ride the bus. You may even request to use the wheelchair lift when boarding with a baby stroller.
  • WAIT!!! Drivers should pick you up after they’ve pulled away from the bus stops, unless it is unsafe for you to board.
  • Adding $ to your CharlieCard on the BUS: You have the right. Just tell the driver that you want to add $, tap your card, insert cash, and retap your card.
  • CHILDREN 11 & UNDER? With a paying adult, they ride for free (two children maximum)
  • NO FARE? You have the right to board the bus! If you do not have the fare, let the driver know. It is then up to the driver to determine whether or not you ride. Please be respectful, pay your fare if you have it, and do not abuse this rule!
  • STOP ANNOUNCEMENTS: Drivers (or automated systems) must make key stop announcements, or when requested by passengers - both when a stop is approaching, and at the stop.

To file your complaint or ask questions
CALL: 617-222-5215
or visit the MBTA website

For more info call:
617-442-3343 x229
en espaƱol llame 617-442-3343 x239
or email us at:

English and Spanish Rider's Rights Wallet Guides are available free at ACE's Office.