Silent Auction 2007: Online Auction Table

Check out and bid on select items from this year's Silent Auction! Bidding for items will finish at Jammin' for Justice on May 23 - get a head start now to stake your claim!

To participate, simply click the 'Bid Now!' icon to send an email with your name, address, phone number, auction item number, and bid amount.

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Item # 1

Sonos(R) Sound system and Charger

Pump up the volume with this critically-acclaimed wireless system from Sonos(R). Including two Zoneplayer 100s, two Loudspeaker 100 sets, one Controller 100, and a Charging Cradle 100, this system can literally 'rock the house' with all sorts of tunes. The system's trademark quality sound is enhanced by its signature capability to play different music in separate rooms simultaneously! Check out more by clicking on each individual item description above.

Starting Bid: $500
Bid Increment: $50
Current Bid: Be the first!

Item # 2

Red Sox Tickets

Take yourself - and three others - out to the ball game! This certificate is good for four Infield Grandstand seats (click here to view seating chart) at any Red Sox regular season game held at Boston's own historic Fenway Park.


The above logo is a registered trademark of The Boston Red Sox and Major League Baseball

Starting Bid: $90
Bid Increment: $10
Current Bid: $240

Item # 3

Patagonia(R) WeatherShed(TM) Wheeled Luggage

Are you constantly on the move? If so, this luggage is made for you - it can and will follow you virtually anywhere! With reinforced seams, all-terrain polyurethane wheels, and a hard foam bottom covered with ballistics nylon, it can certainly take a beating. Pouring outside? Not to worry; the durable water repellent coating can safeguard your gear and the separate reflective coated compartment can house wet shoes or other apparel. Visit the Patagonia web site and click on the WeatherShed product icon for more pictures and information.

Click on the wheel thumbnail for a larger picture.

Starting Bid: $75
Bid Increment: $15
Current Bid: Be the first!

Item # 4

Solio(R) Solar Powered Charger

Knock out a slice of your electric bills and the annoyance of limited battery life in one fell swoop! As long as the sun shines, you'll never have to worry about running out of power on your cell phone, mp3 player or ipod, PDA, or a number of other portable devices (see Solio(R) website for more information). The small, lightweight design makes it ideal for everyday use as well as vacation or other special excursions. Join the alternative energy movement today with your new Solio(R)!

Starting Bid: $40
Bid Increment: $10
Current Bid: Be the first!

Item # 5

Custom Knit Charlie Card Mittens

Tired of digging in your pocket for your Charlie Card? The new automated fare collection system on the T certainly has its drawbacks, but these mittens could make a positive change in your commute. On those cold, blustery New England days, don't worry about freezing your hands while searching for that card, just put your cozy, mittened hand over the sensor and continue on your way. See the blog entry by the mastermind behind these, (the Subway Knitter) for more pictures.

Starting Bid: $25
Bid Increment: $5
Current Bid: Be the first!

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