Gift Membership

ACE Gift Memberships


TRU members in our signature T-shirts

We'll send a card to your recipient, along with the items at your gift level. They'll receive newsletters, updates and invitations to our events. Next year we'll invite them to renew their membership.

ACE Annual Report
Pouch 100


  • Annual Report Booklet
  • ACE bag (click on the bag for more images!)


ACE Video
  • Annual Report Booklet
  • ACE bag
  • T Riders Union T-Shirt


  • Annual Report Booklet
  • ACE bag
  • T Riders Union T-Shirt
  • ACE Video (DVD)


How to Order

  • Deadline for 2009 orders is Monday, December 21.

  • To pay by check, download the order card and send it to ACE. To pay by credit card, email Holly or call (617) 442-3343 x231.

  • For gift levels of $50 and up, please specify shirt size: unisex - M - L -XL - XXL. If no size is mentioned, a large will be sent.

  • Your gift will help further environmental justice!

About our gift items:
Our easy-to-read 2009 Annual Report introduces ACE, the 15-minute DVD lends insight to the people and stories involved in this work, our re-usable shopping bag fits conveniently into a small pouch and the T-shirt features our signature transit justice program.


Phone orders accepted at (617) 442-3343 x231.