Survey Said: Codman Sq. Youth Present #23 Bus Rider Views on Violence

On March 30, 2007 Dwayne Graham was fatally shot while riding the #23 bus in Dorchester. This incident and others frightened a lot of #23 riders, especially youth.

Over the last 2 months, peer-leaders from the Codman Square NDC STARS II program have been surveying #23 riders on their feelings and perceptions of safety on the #23 route. From 6 to 8pm on April 24th the youth will present their survey results. Food will be provided.

Film Premiere: "The Greening of Southie"

"The Greening of Southie" goes behind the scenes and onto the scaffolds to follow the construction of Boston’s first green residential structure, a luxury condominium complex called the Macallen Building. Located in the city’s storied working-class neighborhood, South Boston, Macallen was conceived with the ambitious goal of securing a LEED Gold rating from the U.S. Green Building Council. Moving between the idealistic young development team, distant suppliers, and the salty union construction crew, The Greening of Southie maps each step––and misstep––on the road to move-in day. Featuring the music of Force Theory (Manda Bala, Jesus Camp, Favela Rising), and the filmmaking of the creators of King Corn. The film’s subjects, director and rising Boston filmmaker Ian Cheney will be in attendance.

Toxic sludge tested in poor neighborhoods

April 18, 2008

This week the Associated Press reported that researchers in Baltimore have been testing sludge as a method of lessening the harmful effects of lead-filled soil. Unfortunately, residents of the lower income community of color where this testing took place were never warned of the risks of having their yards covered in this mix of human and industrial waste.

Federally funded researchers told nine lower income families in Baltimore row houses that their yards were contaminated with lead and dangerous for their children. They then offered to treat the soil with a fertilizer that would trap heavy metal, promising that the mixture was safe and claiming that it was store bought. In exchange, the researchers distributed food coupons and planted lawns. The potentially hazardous sludge had never been tested for safety and studies on the health of children who played in the yards was never done. Read more...

“Unsung Hero” award honors ACE Board Chair

April 17, 2008

ACE Board Chair Bob Terrell

Great news! ACE Board Chair Robert Terrell won the 2008 Boston Neighborhood Fellows Award which honors "unsung heroes" who have made a difference in the community. The Boston Neighborhood Fellows Program "provides recognition and direct financial support to individuals of creativity, vision and leadership who work in community service in Greater Boston."

Bob is the Coordinator for On the Move Coalition, a group of organizations working for transit justice across the region. He has been a tireless advocate for transit issues in the communities we serve. Read more...


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