Dorchester residents block eviction and win!

April 16, 2008

CLVU housing rally

This morning’s City Life/Vida Urbana (CLVU) rally was a historic victory for housing justice. Around 75 people gathered in front of 200 Norfolk Street in Dorchester, where Wells Fargo Bank planned on evicting the Meyers families. That included four brothers and sisters, six children and a licensed day care center. Each household had offered to pay rent, but the bank refused to accept it. Alister Meyers had even offered to buy the building at full appraised value but the bank refused his offer and proceeded with the eviction process. CLVU, a Boston based community organization fighting for tenants’ rights, mobilized a rally and blockade to prevent the eviction from happening. A number of participants had agreed to risk arrest by blocking the entrance to the Meyers’ home with their bodies.

Luckily, Wells Fargo backed down after learning of the organizing efforts. The company has agreed to enter negotiations and will most likely sell the property to Alister Meyers at the appraised value. The rally anticipating confrontation became a celebration of victory, with reflections on the work ahead. Representative Willie May Allen spoke about her fight for legislation that would place a moratorium on foreclosures. Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner addressed the crowd on the importance of challenging the root causes of these evictions, and working toward a society where communities and people take precedence over profit margins. Read more...

Inequalities discussed in transit blog

April 15, 2008

We thought we’d take a moment to feature the No Free Transfer blog that posts updates on MBTA news and photographs of Boston train lines. An interesting post reviewed the opening of the Mattapan High Speed line, which used to be free but now charges $1.70 for a trip. While this line connects Mattapan residents to the Ashmont track of the Red Line, the MBTA does not offer a free transfer. For riders in lower-income Mattapan, this means paying double for every trip connecting to the subway, whereas riders of the Green, Red, Orange and Blue lines can transfer as much as they like, for free. Read more...

Immigration from a youth perspective

April 14, 2008

A new video by Sally Kohn at the Movement Vision Lab features the story of Juan, a bright and confident young man recently graduated from high school who fears he will soon be deported because he came to the United States when he was six years old. At two and a half minutes, Juan's interview highlights a U.S. immigration policy that lacks humanity and deprives bright and talented immigrants from fulfilling their dreams.

Watch the interview to hear Juan’s All-American story and read an essay Sally has written about immigration and the politics of fear. Read more…

CORI Reform Demonstration!

April 11, 2007

Today, students from campuses across Boston will be rallying for Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) at Park Street station. According to the open letter from Students for CORI Reform, current Massachusetts laws make it difficult for people with criminal records to get jobs, housing, credit and student loans. Enacting a fair CORI law "means stronger, safer communities for everyone."

Participants can sign a letter to their representatives and the Joint Committee for the Judiciary, asking them to report favorably and quickly on a comprehensive CORI reform bill. Read more...

Get a high-tech sound system and support ACE!

April 10, 2008

Are you a music-lover who supports environmental justice? Know someone who is? Here’s your chance to get a great discount on a sound system with 100 percent of the proceeds going to ACE. We have received a donation of a new Sonos sound system, valued at $1550 and on sale for $1200 until April 18.

The Sonos system will connect your iPod/MP3 player into a wireless stereo system that can play different music in multiple rooms simultaneously. It can also stream music or radio from the internet.

According to their website, "Sonos liberates the digital music on your home network and the Internet, wirelessly streaming any song, to any ZonePlayer, in any room. You can access music stored on up to 16 PCs, Macs or Network Attached Storage devices, plus Internet radio, subscriptions to select music services, and even music from your favorite CD or MP3 player." Read more...

Radical Organizing Conference videos posted

April 9, 2008

If you missed the Radical Organizing Conference (ROC), here’s your chance to catch a few videos from the conference. The first is a clip of the keynote speech by Boston city councilor Chuck Turner on the meaning of “radical organizing” and how it differs from other forms of organizing. Also check out a longer video by Jason Pramas that interviews eight local progressive activists and artists attending the conference.

Not to be missed is a short video documentary by ACE member Lisa Edwards on the history of the Roxbury community called Stop robbing our 'hood. Enjoy! Read more...

Get your copy today!

April 8, 2008

Have you received your copy of Building power for environmental justice, ACE’s 2007 Annual Report? This easy-to-read booklet features campaigns and victories that our members have helped us accomplish, alongside photos of this work in action. Learn how many riders would participate in a MBTA boycott or how many Boston high school students personally witness violence. Read about how our youth are working to combat air pollution in our neighborhoods and how our legal efforts are helping to establish new urban farms.

If you would like a copy, email us your mailing address and we will send one to you right away. Read more...


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