Silver Line Phase III plowing ahead

July 17, 2008

Preliminary boring along Boylston Street has started for Silver Line Phase III. Our friends at Switchback have posted an article on some of Phase III's serious flaws. They summarize,

Construction begins in Chinatown for Silver Line Phase III

"What do we get with the current Silver Line scam? Less capacity, less comfort for more money than a rail line. Oh, and a few buildings might be put in danger, as well."

The proposed tunnel project will cost more than light rail service, require the destruction of historic buildings for tunnel portals, disrupt traffic, and could jeopardize the structural integrity of structures in Chinatown and Downtown Boston. ACE and our partners, including On the Move and the Washington Street Corridor Coalition, are advocating for light rail service that would use existing tunnels leading from Boylston Street. This alternative would cost less and provide service "equal to or better than" the Orange Line Elevated Train, as the MBTA has promised to provide.

There will be numerous chances for public input later this summer. According to the MBTA's website,

"The environmental review will be a public process where the public at large will have the opportunity to review the assessment and advise both EEA as well as the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) as to the adequacy of the environmental documents and assessment prepared by the MBTA."

Make sure your voice is heard at these public hearings. For more information on Silver Line Phase III and how to include your input, contact the T Rider's Union. ACE believes that the MBTA should not pour more money into the Silver Lie. Doing so will only further another transit injustice.