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Updated February 2014

Sign and share our petition in support of a $10 Youth Pass! Currently, 1/3 of Boston’s youth are stranded from school, work, healthcare, extracurriculars, and safe travel because they can’t afford the MBTA. The T must immediately address the affordability crisis for youth riders by implementing a Youth Pass. The Youth Pass should be $10/month for bus & train, have no time or day restrictions, and be available for purchase by any youth between 12-21 years old. Sign your name and tell the MBTA why you want a Youth Pass!

Sign this petition and tell DEP why you need clean air!
(Ongoing, 2013)

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is considering loosening a moratorium on incineration. This is bad for our air and environment and may mean burning materials that would be recycled.

There are two steps we can take. Please sign this petition asking Governor Patrick to protect the environment. Also, you can email the DEP to support enforcing waste bans instead. Residents have written the DEP with alternatives to polluting our air, such as implementing incentives for composting, encouraging producer responsibility and increasing recycling enforcement. Add your voice and tell the DEP to uphold the moratorium!

Grassroots Organizing Cools the Planet!
(Ongoing, 2010)

Climate Justice Now! North America is using the power of grassroots organizing to make change. With the right set of strategies and coordinated efforts, we can mobilize diverse communities to powerful action.

Our organizing strategy for climate justice is to: 1) Organize in, network with and support communities who have found their frontlines of climate justice; 2) Organize with communities to identify their frontlines of climate justice, and 3) Coalesce these communities towards a common agenda that is manifested from locally defined strategies to state and national policy objectives through to international solidarity agreements.

Take Action by signing this petition.

The petition says this: "We are grassroots and allied organizations representing racial justice, indigenous rights, economic justice, immigrant rights, youth organizing and environmental justice communities actively engaged in Climate Justice organizing.

Given the very necessary discussion spurred by your recent public letter (August 8, 2010), we wanted to share with you some of the work we have been doing to protect people and planet, as well as our reflections on a forward-thinking movement strategy. Your honest reflections on the political moment in which we find ourselves, alongside the open invitation to join in this discussion, are heartening. "

Thank you for your support!