The Boston Bus Marathon: Take Action

Support Bus Riders and Public Transit at the Bus Marathon Closing Ceremonies and Rally

On April 18th, after riding the Bus Marathon in the morning, marathon riders and their supporters will join public officials and community leaders at the State House to demand transit justice for those who most use public transportation. The two teams will announce their results and challenge the MBTA, the state, and the gubernatorial candidates to improve the quality of public transit for low-income riders and people of color in Boston.

With Massachusetts’ 20 year transportation plan lacking enforcement and people of color representation, riders are looking to gubernatorial candidates for leadership.

Come show your support for Marathon riders and hold the gubernatorial candidates accountable to the promises they make to MBTA riders. We must make sure that the next governor makes public transportation a priority, and that they develop concrete plans to improve urban transit so that everyday riders get the bus service that is long overdue.

Sponsor a Bus Marathon team

Send your donation of any amount (we suggest a minimum of $26 -- a dollar per mile) to support the Chelsea riders or the Roxbury/Dorchester riders. At ACE’s Donation Page, make a contribution, and write “Bus Marathon: Chelsea” or “Bus Marathon: Rox/Dor” in the space marked Designation. Click here to make your contribution

Adopt a mile

Adopt a mile of the Roxbury/Dorchester route or the Chelsea route and we'll post your name on the map of the route on our web page. Adoption sponsorships begin at $250. Click here to make your contribution


Join ACE’s T Riders Union and become a part of the action year round. Set your membership dues at whatever level you can afford (minimum $5), sign your agreement with ACE’s mission statement and you’ll be part of the growing movement for transportation and enviromental justice. Click here to find out more about becoming an ACE Member

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