TRU: The T Riders Union

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TRU Member Hakim Sutherland

“If I didn’t have the T, I wouldn’t be able to get around the city. The T is a lifeline, not just for me, but for all the other riders that depend on it.”

—Hakim Sutherland, TRU Base-building Intern

See Hakim's story.


Sign our petition to stop fare increases!

This month, the MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board released proposals to increase fares. Sign our petition to support sustainable funding for public transportation and reject fare hikes!

We demand immediate action to fix the MBTA and deliver the service we need: 

  1. NO FARE HIKES OR SERVICE CUTS -- We demand a moratorium on all fare increases and service cuts until our elected officials can sustainably fund the MBTA. 
  2. RESTORE THE MBTA’S BUDGET -- Release the full $261 million to the MBTA as directed in the 2013 Transportation Act to balance the budget WITHOUT further damaging service and ridership. 
  3. LONG-TERM INVESTMENT -- Develop legislation to fully fund the MBTA as a public good and bring our equipment into a state of good repair.

Share the petition at to #FightTheHike and save #rMBTA!

Open letter to MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board

December 2015

ACE, TRU, dozens of organizations, elected officials, and tens of thousands of riders, business owners, and residents are deeply concerned about what this board plans to include in its long-awaited report to the Legislature. Over the last six months, your slideshows have depicted cost inflation and stagnating ridership—a misleading representation of problems. We hope that you will change direction to bring honesty and clarity to this situation.

Increased funding is the keystone solution for the MBTA and without this, it will be impossible to stop the MBTA from falling apart. Last winter should have made that clear to each of you, as it very publicly showed the depths of the MBTA’s financial crisis.

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Our guide to fixing the MBTA

March 2015

Nightmare on Park Street

Nightmare on Park Street

The battle for the survival of the MBTA is in our hands

Seeing the deplorable state of the MBTA this winter is like watching a poorly-made slasher film where the ending is obvious to everyone except the blundering, oblivious characters. Someone at a party neglects to close a door or other guests decide it's a good idea to explore the cellar during a black out - cut to the remaining partiers being just astounded when bodies start piling up in the corner.

The worst part? This crime scene was preventable.


TRU Member Louise Baxter

“What they’re doing now is disinvesting in public transportation and that would really hurt chances for people to advance will be transportation for the elite and not the rest.”

—Louise Baxter, TRU Member

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2013 #MAtranspo Guide

The T Riders' Union (TRU), a program of ACE, organizes public transit riders to build a unified voice and movement for better public transportation in Greater Boston, Together, we develop and implement strategies to improve the quality of public transit. Our focus is on transit dependent communities – neighborhoods that are predominantly people of color and/or lower-income, where residents are likely to not own cars and therefore depend on public transit to get to work, school, recreation, and shopping.

We have joined together to demand our fair share of service because the MBTA and the state have failed to meet the needs of riders in lower-income neighborhoods and neighborhoods of color. Buses are unreliable, crowded, and slow, and continue to pollute the air we breathe with dirty diesel exhaust, causing asthma and other health problems. Better public transit will alleviate these health problems and help combat climate change by cutting down on waste and pollution.

TRU members are currently demanding three things from the MBTA: more buses on the most crowded routes, reliable on-time bus service, and more bus service on nights and weekends. Richard Davey, general manager of the MBTA, attended one of our recent member meetings, and we are working with him to make these demands a reality.

Every rider has a place in our monthly meetings. We ask that you share your experiences on the T, your concerns, and your ideas with TRU so that we can build our own power to win improvements and the first-class service we all deserve.

Check out the menu on the left for more ways to Take Action for transit justice.

ACE Member Taisha O’Bryant

“Change is coming.”

—Taisha O'Bryant, ACE Member & TRU Chairperson 2009–2010

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