TRU speaks out on missing $ for bus investment

February 14, 2014

The T Riders Union (TRU) is demanding that the missing $450 million to maintain MBTA bus service be restored to the MBTA's FY14-18 draft Capital Investment Plan (CIP). According to February 13, 2014 Boston Globe article which quotes TRU members Stuart Spina, it appears some progress is already in motion.

TRU's written comments regarding the draft CIP are in the attached file below, "2014_0212 TRU letter re DRAFT CIP.pdf". In the letter TRU also specifies which projects should and should not continue to get funding in the plan. The Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey and MBTA General Manager Dr. Beverly Scott immediately responded to TRU's letter via email.

TRU chairperson Louise Baxter delivered the letter at the February 12, 2014 Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) board meeting along with testimony supporting the Massachusetts Senior Action Council's (MSAC) opposition to a 5% fare increase on the "premium" RIDE service. As an MSAC partner and a member of the Public Transit-Public Good campaign, TRU is in full support of a February 12, 2014 letter with the subject line "The RIDE: Proposed Fare Increases – Premium Services".

At the January 29, 2014 MassDOT board meeting, TRU chairperson Louise Baxter also provided testimony in support of the Youth Affordability Coalition's (YAC) demand to protect students from the 2014 fare increase, and to transform 5-day student passes into 7-day student passes at the price of the 5-day pass.

Members also testified on the CIP at a January 30, 2014 public hearing. WBUR coverage of the hearing quotes TRU member Stuart Spina.

TRU is also a member of a coalition called Transportation for Massachusetts (T4MA). T4MA publicly supported restoring the dollars to MBTA bus investment and prepared the attached files which include a summary and statement on the draft CIP.

The draft CIP is available online and written comments can be emailed to Scott Hamwey or mailed to MassDOT, Office of Transportation Planning, 10 Park Plaza, Room 4150, Boston, MA, 02116 attn: Scott Hamwey.

For more information, contact Lee.

TRU letter re: CIP draft
T4MA Summary of CIP
T4MA Statement on CIP