our principles

Alternatives for Communities & Environment centers all of its work on the Jemez and Environmental Justice principles which establish a global commitment to Justice across race, ethnicity, culture, and national origin, such that we empower an intergenerational community.

Below is a summary of the Jemez Principles. Click here to read the full principles and how they were developed. 

Be Inclusive

Staffing, planning and organizing includes and is fundamentally guided by all voices from diverse social, economic, ethnic, gender persuasion, national, or religious backgrounds.

Let People Speak for Themselves

We must be sure that relevant voices of people directly affected are heard. Ways must be provided for spokespersons to represent and be responsible to the affected constituencies. It is important for organizations to clarify their roles, and who they represent, and to assure accountability within our structures.

Build Just Relationships

We need to treat each other with justice and respect, both on an individual and an organizational level, in this country and across borders. This must include clarity about decision-making, sharing strategies, and resource distribution. We will determine the ways for those with different skills to coordinate and be accountable to one another.

Bottom Up Organizing

We must be continually building and strengthening a base which provides our credibility, our strategies, mobilizations, leadership development, and the energy for the work we must do daily.

Work Together in Solidarity
and Mutuality

Groups working on similar issues with compatible visions should consciously act in solidarity, mutuality and support each other’s work. In the long run, a more significant step is to incorporate the goals and values of other groups with your own work, in order to build strong relationships.

Self Transformation

We must change from operating on the mode of individualism to community-centeredness. We must “walk our talk.” We must be the values that we say we’re struggling for and we must be justice, be peace, be community.