Commonwealth Beacon:

EJ communities finally get a say

But wood-burning power plants not needed anywhere
Staci Rubin, Andrea Nyamekye, Maria Belén Power, Dwaign Tyndal, and Sabrina Davis

August 19, 2021

FOR DECADES, low-income, immigrant, Indigenous, and communities of color across Massachusetts have been overburdened by air pollution from power plants, congested highways, and industrial facilities. Known as environmental justice populations, these areas have had little say in the projects that are built in their neighborhoods, and they have had little power to put an end to the pollution that results.

Unfortunately, these impacts are a direct result of state policy. The law has historically put low-income, Black, immigrant, and Indigenous communities in harm’s way and overburdened them with pollution. All the while, residents have been denied a voice in the siting of new industrial projects – like power plants and substations – that negatively impact their neighborhoods.

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