Dear ACE community,

Today’s the 26th Annual REEP Youth Summit! 250+ young folks from our communities are getting together right now in Dorchester to build community, discuss injustice — and focus on this year’s theme, which is mental health support.

The youth summit is one of our biggest events all year, and we’re aiming to raise $4,000 from our community to help. Click here to donate.

I’m so proud of the youth, our staff, and everyone else who makes REEP a success. REEP’s goal is to empower these young folks so they can shape their environment instead of people shaping it for them.

Your donations can help us pay for logistics, workshops, equipment, and more. If you’re able to, please donate to make this REEP Youth Summit a success.


Dwaign Tyndal
Executive Director,
Alternatives for Community & Environment